6 Tips Every Player Should Know About Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight ll is a great fighting gaming that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game offers a unique mix of classic fighting with a fantasy role-playing feature. Gamers will get to create their character and equip them with the desired weapons and armor sets. However, it takes a bit of skill and knowledge to help gamers out who are still unsure of what to do and how to play.

Here are 6 tips every player should know about Shadow Fight 2.

Learn How to Control the System

There are plenty of movements to punch and kick with your fighter. With the virtual joystick, you can change the movements. For instance, pointing forward will allow you to launch an attack. Pointing backward will allow you to complete a defense move.

Aim Towards the Vital Body Parts

Just as with most fighting games, always aim at the head or other vital parts of the body. Understanding their move will also benefit you as you will then be able to predict their attacking style. If the any jumps in towards your direction, you can hold the down-back on the joystick and hit the kick. This step will allow you to kick your opponent and drop them to the ground.

Keep Your Player Moving

If your enemy has managed to get behind you, use your joystick to run away and decide on your next move. Remember that you shouldn’t hit just any buttons while running away as they might attack instantly.

Replay the Fight When You Lose

When you’ve lost a level, simply replay the fight and correct the mistakes you made. You will also be able to create an effective plan of counter-attack as an offense. String those move together to create a combo and knock out the enemy.

Use Gems and Coins to Unlock New Gear

Unlock new weapons and costumes by using your coins and gems. While you can pay with real money, use your gems and coins instead.

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5 Games to Play After Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is another RPG game packed with action and more. This is an addictive sequel to the famous Shadow Fight series that offers total gameplay where you can customize your character, get equipped with weapons, build up skills, and more. However, if you’ve already played this game and can’t get over the experience, we’ve got some other alternatives for you to enjoy.

Check out these 5 games to play after Shadow Fight 2

Marvel Contest of Champions

With a comic combination of action, hack, slash, and RPG elements, Marvel Contest of Champions will take you closer to Ultron and fight with your favorite Marvel heroes. In this game, you will find Spiderman, Star-Lord, Storm, Wolverine, Iron Man and Hulk.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Another action-packed game offers fighting options for both individual and multi-players to enjoy. The game is set in the universe of the Justice League and all the superheroes included. You must first choose your favorite superhero and learn to master their special skills, powers, and more.

Mortal Kombat X

This thrill-seeking game is action-packed and offers a new era of fighting and action aesthetics. The game is combined with strategic elements that will allow you to get lost with the play experience.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow: The Pact is an adventure fighting game that is filled with a ton of action. The super cool game is set in a whole new world filled with powerful fighters competing for survival. As players, you will have to fight the character and escape from a world of nightmares and the mysterious beasts around them.

Iron Snout

This action based fighting video game is available for individual players. It offers a fast-paced gameplay with tons of action as you control the protagonist – the pig. The pig will put you against all kinds of enemies on a variety of different levels.

Have you played Shadow Fight 2? What other similar games can you recommend? Comment below and tell us what you think!

Top 5 Biggest Grossing Arcade Games to Play of All Time

Do you remember playing video games as a child? Even during the earliest days of games, only a few games have stood the test of time. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the top games with the best revenue.

Here are the top 5 biggest grossing arcade games to play of all time.


Released in 1993, NBA Jam takes after the previous Arch Rivals in 1989, which also features the 2 on 2 challenges. While Arch Rivals never achieved popularity, NBA Jam became widely spread in popularity due to its license of real team names and the digital image of famous basketball players. The game had only a few rules that resulted in a fast pace of sports action that features slam dunks and net shots. The game also showcased iconic phrases like “Boom shaka laka” and “he’s on fire!”

Ms. Pac-Man

As opposed to the non-violent game of the original Pac-Man, the female version featured new maze designs where ghosts were designed to move at random. This move was deliberately made to prevent players from mastering the patterns of every level. As a result, this version of Pac-Man was considered as more challenging than the original.

Street Fighter ll – Champion Edition

As the sequel to Capcom’s 1987 arcade hit game, Street Fighter ll was the evolution of the original Street Fighter. The game also created a benchmark fighting game that still stands today. Due to its ultra-competitive gameplay, the game became an instant hit with over 60,000 machines sold across the globe.

Space Invaders

As one of the all-time video gaming classics, Space Invaders was the original Golden Age of Arcades. The game was launched in 1978 in Japan and instantly took the country by storm. Space Invaders then took to export where millions of players lined up to play.

Pac-Man Original

As the first major gaming mascot, Pac-Man is also the most recognizable character since the 80s. In an era of space-themed units, Pac-Man’s maze-chase gameplay was something new for players to get their hands on. Since then, Pac-Man has also appeared in over 30 other video games.

What are your favorite Arcade games of all time? Comment below and let us know!

Infographic by: surface-tension.net

Shadow Fight 2 Hack Generator Online for unlimited Gems and Coins

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Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game which places players in a 1 versus 1 position with their opponent. Players need to utilize the various commands to completely deplete their opponent’s health points in order to win a match. Although this game is winnable without purchasing any equipment, it can be very difficult to achieve. It is therefore recommended to purchase the best equipment available in order to make the game easier. Purchasing requires in-game currency which is acquired by defeating opponents. However, acquiring enough currency to purchase an item requires an enormous amount of time and effort.

Shadow Fight 2 was a big hit in the gaming world after it was released. The sequel, Shadow Fight 2, is even bigger. This combination of martial arts fighting and role-playing fantasy, with amazing animation, has captivated millions and has became one of the most popular games ever with more than 40 million users at last count.

This is one game that will let you possess innumerable weapons which are rare and lethal along with sets of armor to safeguard oneself in the fight. The game also features dozens of animated techniques of Martial Arts which seem to be happening in real! This game has a thrilling Fantasy storyline which unfolds as you fight a number of battles against the unique, evil enemies and defeat these demons. In this game, you can Defeat all your friends by waging a war in this exciting as well as incredible game on social media platforms. This game is available for free at the social-networking portal like the Facebook.

Shadow Fight 2 lets you witness an amazing and spectacular war. For moving forward in this game, you as the player would need to gain experience as the shadow fighter and fight into the ever-increasing hierarchy of unexplored lanes. The shadow fighter needs to grow in terms of learning as well. He must learn all the new skills in fighting. If you have reached a certain level and gained some experience with we buy houses Freeport, then you will get the opportunity to start using different and alluring white weapons. These weapons play a crucial role in the elimination of opponents. There are a lot of resources needed to grow as well as move on to different levels. The Shadow Fight will surely keep you glued to your screens for long hours with its addictive animations.

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